4 Precious Tips to Help You Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee at Home

Holar - Blog - 4 Precious Tips to Help You Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee at Home

They say that the sense of smell is the strongest trigger of memory. One thing is true, the smell of fresh and brewing coffee can make you remember many beautiful things. Like the rising sun in the morning, a smiling family as you prepare breakfast, an afternoon of reading your favorite book while drinking a cup. There are many beautiful things about coffee, one of them is certainly the fact that it is present in the most resonant moments of our lives.

Coffee is one of our best friends because research has shown that drinking four cups can cut down the chance of dying early, and also helps us with liver problems and digestive issues. Coffee is a powerful tool, coffee is a cure, and coffee is our friend. Period. However, you don’t need to go to the best coffee shop to get the best cup of coffee. Here we will show you the best way to make coffee at home. You don’t need to go away from home to make the best coffee in the world, the recipe is easy, and the result will give joy to your heart.


1) Buy Fresh Coffee Beans


Coffee is most delicious when it has been freshly roasted. Buying freshly roasted beans is the best way to get fresh coffee, some people roast in small batches so the purer the coffee, the better. There is also an alternative: You can roast them yourself. It sounds difficult, but it can be quite easy. Then you just need to smash the coffee and grind it. That should be done right before you brew it since it oxidizes. Even pre-ground coffee loses its charm after a while, even though it’s been sold to brew and share. They lose their oils and natural properties way too fast, leading to a staler taste.

Pro Tips: Store Beans with Airtight Canister

One tip that can be very useful is the use of airtight containers. Keep the coffee away from moisture, heat, light, and air. Those are four elements you don’t want near your freshly grounded coffee. Stainless steel canister is good to keep food fresh and coffee is not an exception. One thing that should be noted is that putting the coffee in the freezer might actually do more harm than good. The freezer usually prevents the aging of food, but in the case of coffee, it makes the aging faster. So it is important to keep the coffee at an environmental level.

Also, try to keep garlic and onions away, the coffee might get impregnated with their flavor. Always keep the grounded coffee away.

Always use the best filters when you’re going to brew coffee. Cheap filters can absorb the flavor, thus losing the essence of the coffee you’re brewing. There is also the discussion about water, but we’ll talk about it in a couple of paragraphs. Just remember that the way you take care of the beans, from crushing to brewing, is critical.


Holar - Blog - 4 Precious Tips to Help You Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee at Home - Coffee Bean Storage


2) Grind Coffee with Manual Mills


The mill or grinder is the most important tool in making coffee. It is where it all starts. You have to decide what your tool will be. Sometimes we think too much about the cup of coffee we’re making that we forget the start of the process is the beginning of defining how it will taste. It’s like a knight who is going to battle: he has to choose the right sword.

So you will have to decide whether you’ll use a burr grinder or a blade grinder. They are both different ways to grind coffee, but most coffee experts will likely say that they’d like to use burr grinders. The reason is more than just the fact that it is more vintage, but the fact that it grinds the coffee differently that blade, giving a different and more delicate taste. With burr grinders, you have more control on what the grounded coffee will be like.

Now, there comes the second choice. Whether you chose a burr grinder or a blade grinder, you have to choose if you will pick up a manual or an electric one. Well, we have a few suggestions for you. We wholly recommend manual mills.

One of the things, why manual coffee grinders are better than electric ones, is the fact that:

  • The manual grinder lets you have control of the heat regulation during the process.
  • You have control over the consistency.
  • You have discretion over the process.
  • Portability of the mill.
  • It is more affordable than an electric one.
  • You have the freedom to enjoy custom-made coffee!

There are many ways to make a fine cup of coffee, and there are roughly three methods to brew coffee: Coarse, Medium and Fine. Each one allows you to create a different type of coffee.


Holar - Blog - 4 Precious Tips to Help You Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee at Home - Manual Coffee Grinders


3) Magic Ratio for Brewing Coffee


Ever since the 50s, when MIT professor E.E. Lockhart made a survey to understand American preferences in coffee, he discovered that many people set the ratio of 18 to 22 percent Extraction with a brew strength between 1.15 and 1.35 percent of Total Dissolved Solids.

There is a Golden Rule, also called the Golden Ratio, that says you should start with 17.42 units of water to 1 unit of coffee. Afterwards, you can give or take more or less depending on your preferences and tastes. Just remember that you don’t need to worry about the ratio if you’re not using good beans. Beans are the true magic of coffee, so remember to pick the right one first, then the grinder and then choose the ratio you’re going to grind on.

Remember to measure the milliliters and the grams of the water and the coffee respectively to make sure you have a most effective measure.

The Golden Ratio is the perfect balance between water and coffee to make the perfect cup of coffee, so we highly suggest that you take out word for it and try to reach the perfect balance for that tasty, brewing coffee.


Holar - Blog - 4 Precious Tips to Help You Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee at Home - Magic Ratio


4) Water, Temperature & Brewing Time


Another rule of thumb is that the water you use is vital. As important as the grinder and the other elements in the process. The purest water gives the best flavor, and that’s something that’s not just for taste, but for health. A mineral-heavy water will absorb the coffee particles and eventually destroy the essence and purity of the coffee, leading to weak coffee. Stale taste and such.

The best thing to make sure is that if the water doesn’t taste good, then it’s not good for the coffee. Period.

In terms of temperature, for optimal extraction, we recommend 195-205 Fahrenheit degrees. People often forget about the temperature of the water, when it is essential that you stay in that range.

Brewing time is also important, contact time is when the water is in contact with the coffee. It normally is between 4 and 8 minutes, and it is important that if you’re brewing from home, you don’t need to get out of that range. Several brew methods, take Espresso for example, has an especially brief brew time for only 20-30 seconds. As mentioned, coffee is your friend. We wake up every day hoping for the perfect cup of tea to make us feel alive, ready to seize the day and make your world go round. Now you know the perfect way to do a perfect cup of coffee. The perfect cup of coffee is one that is given the proper care and dedication. You have to treat the coffee with respect and in return, the coffee will treat you with respect.

Making coffee looks very easy, but it is never simple when you want to strive for perfection, the best cup of coffee comes from the perfect process of picking the right bean, grinding it, following magic ration, using the right water and the right mill. It’s a whole art of its own. Hopefully, you’ll have a few ideas of how you want to try your coffee at home.

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Holar - Blog - 4 Precious Tips to Help You Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee at Home - Water, Temperature & Brewing Time

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