6 More Ways Manual Coffee Mill is Better Than Electric Ones

6 More Ways Manual Coffee Mill is Better Than Electric Ones HOLAR

We’d like to believe that most coffee aficionados will agree that there’s nothing more refreshing than that first cup of coffee in the morning. And if it’s part of your daily routine then it just makes sense that you’d desire only the best so that it sets the tone for the rest of your day. If you’ve ever tasted a good cup of freshly ground coffee beans then I’m sure you could instantly tell the difference between that and pre-ground six-month-old coffee for instance. The smell of manually ground coffee beans using a reliable coffee mill is enough to evoke immensely pleasurable sensations and the taste is bound to satisfy even the most sophisticated palette.


Why coffee mill freshly ground is the best coffee?

The ease and convenience of using pre-ground coffee is easily outweighed by many other factors to consider when making a decent cup of coffee. Freshness for one is an important aspect.  Once coffee beans have been roasted and ground, coffee tends to go stale fast.

Different coffee brands grind their beans with varying coarseness and in most cases you have very little say in how fine or coarse your beans will be. The other downside to pre-ground coffee is that since different brewing methods require different types of grinds you’re often limited. Grinding your own coffee beans allows you to either make up a batch of coarse coffee for your French press or some fine grinds for an espresso machine.

A good coffee mill will give you the control and flexibility you need to make different brews so forget about burr or blade ground coffee and indulge in a more fulfilling and unique experience with our range of coffee mills. You’d be surprised that it actually only takes a couple of minutes to grind up enough beans for your all important morning coffee pot.

Now here are six reasons why using a manual coffee mill is much better than an electric grinder:


1) Controlled heat regulation during grind process

With a manual coffee mill you don’t have to worry about heating up the beans and thereby allowing some of the natural goodness to be lost. Although generally burr grinders are considered better than blade grinders because of the better consistency of grinds they produce, most automatic grinders still grind at such high speeds producing unwanted high heat and possibly altering the taste of the grounds.

If you want gourmet coffee then your best bet is to try a manual coffee mill because that will help you preserve the quality of your beans since you control the grinding and physical motion won’t produce the kind of heat that high-speed motor rotation generates when using electric grinders equipped with metal burr or blades.

Remember, much of the taste is derived from the bean oils, which start to evaporate once the beans are ground up. Even vacuum packed coffee cans cannot compare to freshness of coffee that you grind yourself. If you happen to purchase whole beans and take it upon yourself to indulge in the fun act of grinding them a few minutes before you brew a pot, then you will notice that the flavor is more potent. You can even note the distinct taste of the particular beans is often more prominent.

With high-quality coffee mill manufacturer, which uses a premium ceramic grinder and burr, it becomes possible for you to produce a traditional espresso flavor profile or achieve whatever kind of grinds you like consistently and with the peace of mind that all the nutrients are retained.


2) Consistency of coffee grind

Grind size can be the difference in a spectacular or an average or worse, bitter cup of coffee. A manual grinder will produce a more consistent powder, whereas electric blade grinders don’t guarantee consistency or wholesome nutritional value.

Grind size matters because the extraction rate of coffee grounds increases with a larger surface area. To increase surface area, you need to grind the coffee finer. Also the fact that the higher the extraction rate, the less contact time is needed coupled with simple truth that a finer grind can reduce the flow rate of water, thereby increasing the contact time. It means you have to pay attention to grind consistency.

Essentially, you want to get the exact course grind for the brew type you’re going for. A Coarse Grind is generally for press or plunger pot method using a French Press or Toddy Makers using the cold brew method, Vacuum Coffee Maker or Percolator. A medium grind is ideal for Auto Drip Makers with flat bottom filters. The medium to fine grind works best with cone shaped filtered drip makers. A truly fine grind serves the stove top espresso pots and drip makers with cone shaped filters. Lastly, an extremely fine grind is perfect for espresso machines.

To get the ideal grind, whether coarse for French press or fine grind for espresso or Turkish while preserving the essential properties in the beans from high heat is an art. Different sized coffee grounds will dissolve at different rates which can leave some grounds under-extracted and others quite the opposite. The best hand coffee grinder can give you a surprisingly good grind consistency – you’d need to spend a few times its amount for an equivalent electric grinder.


6 More Ways Manual Coffee Mill is Better Than Electric Ones HOLAR


3) Discretion of hand-assisted coffee making

If you enjoy a peaceful morning routine and don’t want to unsettle the people you live with by using a noisy electric grinder then a manual coffee grinder is a convenient alternative. Personally, I look forward to my daily coffee making ritual and quite often I like to sit with my tablet next to my mug and scroll through the latest news and I just couldn’t imagine sacrificing that Zen for supposed ease of using electric grinders. Besides, every stroke of bean crushing invigorates my muscle movement and it’s actually a great way of stretching out and warming the muscles up before a laborious day.

An electric coffee mill on average generates tenfold the amount of noise compared to a hand grinder according to some tests. I prefer to leave the noise and morning madness to the busy city streets where I work, but before I have to be in that bustling environment I rather soak in some silence. There’s no way I’d let a coffee grinder ruin that for me. It probably would give my cup of coffee a bad taste too I reckon.

Take a couple of minutes a grind coffee with vintage looking portable classic wood series coffee mill in office which also doubles up as a tastefully displayed ornament on the wooden desk. Get off the seat and grind a few beans to make a quick cup while deliberating the best way of tackling pending tasks for the day.


4) Portability of a coffee mill

There’s no place which you cannot take your coffee mill. Probably you prefer making your own coffee while traveling because maybe you find it is not only much cheaper than buying expensive cups of coffee at the café but it also saves you from resorting to cheap on-the-go convenient store or hotel coffee.

Also, probably you will have several coffee mills, which one of them may look so good in the office and you didn’t want to separate it from its adopted humble abode and take it with you when going on trips. Under the circumstances, take portable coffee mills that are perfect for you and other coffee enthusiasts who are either regular travelers or simply occasional campers or professionals with jobs that require them to be regularly on the road. The ingenuity of your cylindrical shaped coffee mill makes it easy to store and easy to grip.

You don’t necessarily need a comprehensive coffee grinding guide to know that a manual mill is ideal when on your travels, so for those who love to brew outdoors or don’t like to compromise their coffee quality during their travels you can also opt for a manual coffee grinder. The trick is to find an easy to use portable product which is also easy to operate such as the acrylic mills series because they are also easy to clean and maintain, portable and effective. Electric burr or blade grinders tend to be much bigger and require electricity of course, which can be impossible to operate when you’re out camping for instance. You get to save energy while getting greater convenience and ease of carrying.


6 More Ways Manual Coffee Mill is Better Than Electric Ones HOLAR


5) Affordability of a manual coffee grinder

When deciding which is the best value for money option between manual and electric coffee grinders you need to consider that coffee mills save you money not only when you’re travelling but also in general because the costs tend be lower overall for manual coffee grinders than electric ones. To get good quality grinds you need to fork out a lot of cash for a decent electric burr grinder.

The problematic thing about resorting to using cheap electric burr grinders is that often you’ll find that they have poor sets of burrs. In fact, the most of the manufacturers do not even use ceramic burrs or genuine metal burrs for that matter but instead use dodgy burrs with sharp cutting blades that chop up the beans into unevenly sized grounds which is no better than using a blade grinder.

From an industrial design perspective, coffee mills generally tend to have better-engineered burrs because of the eliminated cost of a motor which would typically go into an electrical grinder. Considering we get a better grind and smoother consistency with a coffee mill it’s a no brainer when we also factor in that we paid less for my coffee mills than we would have for electric ones.

Cheap electric grinders don’t cost much and are usually fitted with a blade, which as you know does not give you the best quality grade of grind grade. Even when you consider the more modest price points, you’ll still find on average electric burr grinders easily costing 3 to 4 times more than some widely reviewed manual coffee grinders.


6) Enjoyable experience of custom coffee

When you’re passionate about coffee, you will relish the experience of making a pot of coffee just the way you like it. Everyone has their preference but the mark of a seasoned coffee consumer is usually determined by how tailor made one likes their cup. A coffee mill is the ideal piece of equipment for making your coffee to perfection. The experience of spending a few moments carefully crafting your brew and exerting a little effort will feel more satisfying once you see the results you can get from a well-designed coffee mill.

Creating a great cup of coffee can be a creative act which gives you room to experiment with different size grinds and textures. People use manual grinders for different reasons. Most coffee enthusiasts prefer manual coffee mills because they are expertly crafted and are adjustable. The selection is impeccable and includes portable, affordable and easy to use manual grinders. The process has become part of the routine and quite look forward to trying a slightly different variation of brew from time to time. It adds to the excitement of facing a new day.

Aside from the sheer pleasure you get from making your own coffee by manually grinding the beans, you also need to consider the following three things in order to get the perfect cup of coffee:

  • Coffee bean grind size
  • Water temperature
  • Water-coffee ratio


6 More Ways Manual Coffee Mill is Better Than Electric Ones HOLAR



Finally, with a diverse range of high-quality manual coffee mills, you can make your selection between the many different designs from 5 of the categories which have dozens within each one. You may fall in love with the popular classic wood series especially if you want to add a decorative touch to your home, office or restaurant. The designed wood series will excite you if you have an interest in clever product design and aesthetics. Should you be looking for simple convenience and an easy to store and carry option, you’ll probably find something suitable among the coffee mills in acrylic series, bamboo or stainless steel series.

Even though you have high-quality manual coffee mills and grinders, remember to buy good quality coffee beans and to grind your coffee beans just before brewing if you hope to produce a fine tasting cup of coffee. Focusing on your technique is important while making sure that the water and coffee ratio is appropriate but above all, you want to ensure you have the best quality tools to get the best results.

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