Everything You Need to Know About Oil and Vinegar Dressing

Holar Everything You Need to Know About Oil and Vinegar Dressing

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t only mean exercise, in fact, according to research it’s 70% of your food & 30% of your workout which accumulates to a human body’s health. With increasing awareness about healthy food options & their huge impact on your life, a massive shift has been seen in the consumption pattern of people. Nutrition experts all around the world recommend the use of greener & organic alternatives to all your cravings. These options rather get boring & come with a bland taste, however, what if these options can be made tastier as per your taste buds, and you can actually cherish your meals while consuming them?

Well yes! Say hello to “Oil and Vinegar”, a combination of two ingredients that form this magical dressing. The oil and vinegar dressing, also well-known as “Vinaigrette”, is typically used on salads, cold meat & fish to give them an oomph flavorful taste. This enchanting dressing is easy to make and requires few organic ingredients which will not cost you a fortune. Moreover, the vinaigrette is itself enriched with lots of nutritional advantages. This article is your complete guide to learning everything about oil and vinegar; its origins, its benefits, its several uses, its storage & how can one make it easily at home.


Benefits of Oil and Vinegar

Blending olive oil and vinegar gives several medical advantages in servings of mixed greens, marinades, sandwiches and other dishes.


Olive Oil

The advantages of consuming olive oil are unsurpassed. With increasing research on this unique gift of nature, science is starting to comprehend the incalculable ways olive oil can enhance our well-being and our lives. It is an essential fruit oil, which is extracted from the olive tree crop found mainly in the Mediterranean regions. Olive oil doesn’t only add value to your food & internal health but it is famous for tropical usage as well.

Olive oil is known to have high levels of MUDA – monounsaturated fats – which assists in the reduction of bad cholesterol levels in your blood which helps in lowering risk of cardiac arrests & other heart-related diseases. These monounsaturated fats also increase vitamin E intake & aid in developing & maintaining the body’s cell with its potent nutrients. Moreover, it is enriched with antioxidants helping you with increased metabolism & better digestion. According to previous research, olive oil has been known to fight life-threatening diseases like cancer, diabetics, obesity, rheumatoid arthritis & osteoporosis.

We have another article talking about more benefits associated with eating olive oil. Please refer from here.



Since centuries now vinegar has been used & known for its astonishing health benefits. Created by the fermentation of grains including rye, rice, wheat, rice & barley with organic juices of apple, coconut, dates, raisin, honey, kiwi & grape, this potent liquid is enriched with healthy nutrients. In fact in history vinegar was used as a medicine to treat many common diseases, while now it is treated as a normal food ingredient.

Vinegar is known source of dietary polyphenols, which are antioxidants and they fight against oxidative stress. These antioxidants improve the quality of life while defending against kidney, and liver oxidative injury. Vinegar is also known to control blood glucose levels, which helps many diabetic patients.

Most importantly vinegar helps with increasing Satiety levels in the human body, these levels define the amount of food a person eats to satisfy his/her hunger. Hence with good satiety levels, cravings & junk eating decreases drastically. Furthermore vinegar aids in fighting against infections & allergies. Regular usage of vinegar has also shown decrease in stress levels & heart diseases. This all rounder liquid is used as key ingredient in many foods in different forms offering a wide range of benefits.


Holar - Blog - Everything You Need to Know About Oil and Vinegar Dressing - Benefits of Oil and Vinegar


Picking the Perfect Oil and Vinegar


Selection of the perfect olive oil & vinegar can take a toll itself because of the numerous variations of this product available in the market. This leads to further confusion for the consumers.

Olive oil itself contains variations like the Extra virgin, virgin, light, pomace, filtered, cold pressed, stone milled, organic, and the types go on. To choose the right olive oil first the consumer needs to focus on the origin of it & the brand. The labels can be deceitful hence prior research will help you in choosing the correct manufacturer. Secondly, note the harvest date on the bottle; this is a very important step because olive oil doesn’t have a long shelf life. Olive oil only lasts two years from the harvest date, so it’s better to choose the most recent harvest date. Thirdly look for an oil approval authority’s sticker/stamp or sign which authenticates the brand. You can find this approval stamp at the back of the bottle in most cases. Notice the ingredients percentage; avoid an olive oil with high free fatty acids FFA presence & prefer the one with higher polyphenol content.

There are various kinds of vinegar ranging from apple cider vinegar, rice vinegar, balsamic vinegar to red & white wine vinegar. As we are discussing the perfect dressing match for vinegar, choosing red wine vinegar will give you the perfect blend of taste. The racks might be full of various red wine vinegars, however, not all of them are same. Hence reading the ingredients content before choosing your vinegar is the right way to go. An original wine’s quality detonates how fine & healthy the vinegar is. Good quality wine vinegars are made from fine wines which are aged for at least a couple of years within wooden casks. These give satisfactory, complex & mellow flavor to the food.


Holar - Blog - Everything You Need to Know About Oil and Vinegar Dressing - Picking the Perfect Oil and Vinegar


Preparing Oil and Vinegar Dressing at Home


Our expectations from the magical Vinaigrette are usually high; we expect them to defy the laws of nature even from the most basic blends of vinaigrettes. Making your own vinaigrette is one of the best consumption decisions that you’ll ever take as it doesn’t only save you money but provides you infinite health advantages. Preparing vinaigrette is really convenient and easy, just remember, you can take any oils or vinegars you have available since it is just the ratio.

When you try making the vinaigrette to go with salad dressing for the first time at home, give it a shot by simply including some basic amount of salt and pepper. Indeed, even with these simple two seasonings, you’ll be amazed at how well they will bring fullness to your vinaigrette. If you are still worried about the ratios of each ingredient, use this formula:

1 part vinegar + 3 parts oil + salt and pepper to taste = simple vinaigrette salad dressing

Now if you intend to prepare an amount of vinaigrette, you could add all of the ingredients to a jar. After screwing the lid, you just need to shake it for a few seconds and then the perfect blended salad dressing comes out.

To spice things up & changing the taste of your regular vinaigrette, try experimenting with a few organic spices, fruits or even nuts to liven up go-to oil and vinegar salad dressing bases.

A very important tip to remember here is that a little amount of dressing lasts weeks or even months depending on the consumption part, so be very particular in adding the number of ingredients so you’re able to cherish a delicious, healthy, home prepared salad.


Holar - Blog - Everything You Need to Know About Oil and Vinegar Dressing - Preparing Oil and Vinegar Dressing at Home


Where to Store Oil and Vinegar


While olive oil and vinegar are typically used in our daily life foods as an ingredient and we store them easily in room temperature in kitchen cabinets, however, with the vinaigrette using this method will make it go bad really fast. Olive oil and vinegar both are ideally stored in a cool, dark place. So for vinaigrette, the perfect location for storage would be a wine cellar. It is dark from inside and maintains a cool and constant temperature. But not all of us own a wine cellar so the next best place would be storing it in a kitchen cabinet or over a counter which is at least 8 to 10 feet away from the stove or sunlight or anything which omits heat. When choosing the storage container, make sure its lid is airtight, with easy to maintain temperature. Most importantly it should be easy to shake, as often the ingredients settle down if placed on a flat surface for a long time.

Usage of oil and vinegar cruet set will also assist you as it looks stylish & refilling it is relatively easier. Moreover, this will help while both serving & preparing the food.

If you are on the outlook of finding an easy & suitable method of pouring your handmade delicious salad dressings while minimizing the number of bottles the stainless steel oil can be an adorning yet practical addition to your kitchenware.


Holar - Blog - Everything You Need to Know About Oil and Vinegar Dressing - Where to Store Oil and Vinegar


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