Food Storage Hacks: 10 Tips to Achieving an Organized Kitchen With Canisters

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Do you ever find yourself rummaging through your kitchen pantry, searching for that elusive bag of rice or the perfect spice to complete your recipe, only to discover it’s lost in the chaotic abyss of your cupboards? Whether you’re dealing with stale food forgotten on a back shelf or a spilled bag of flour you use almost daily, the problem is this: how do you keep the kitchen tidy while storing food so it stays fresh and handy? When it comes to storing any type of food, the goal is the same: make it last as long as possible by keeping air, light, and moisture at bay. It’s expensive to feed a growing family these days, so the longer your food lasts, the further your grocery budget stretches. That’s where food storage containers – and these food storage hacks – come in.

Keeping your pantry and kitchen shelves tidy saves a lot of time. You can easily get to canisters when they’re lined up and readily accessible. Storing food in canisters helps ensure it stays fresh, and that means you get a bigger bang for your grocery buck! That’s a food storage hack worth its weight in gold! Food storage containers don’t always get the attention they deserve. But they’re worthy of a little attention and deserve praise, so read on to learn our most valuable food storage hacks.

In this article, we offer 10 unique food storage hacks that will help you organize your kitchen more efficiently. Get rid of chaos, embrace effectiveness, and see how quickly your kitchen begins functioning better. Read on and discover some helpful food storage hacks!

Optimizing Food Freshness

Using air-tight food storage containers is a great food storage hack because they’re the front line of food freshness. The right containers help you keep goods like coffee and pasta, spices, and cereals, at optimum freshness. The trick is the airtight seal that most containers are equipped with, which keeps light, air, and moisture from getting at the foods inside.

If you love coffee, as just one example, you want to keep your coffee beans as fresh as possible, right? Putting coffee beans into an airtight container before grinding them keeps air, humidity, and light at bay. That means your coffee will taste its ultimate best.

Cereal is another food that quickly loses its crunch if it isn’t sealed properly in a container. Once you bring it home, transfer it into an airtight canister; this ensures your child’s favorite morning meal will retain its snap, crackle, and pop serving after serving.

You can also use your containers for spices. Spices are the soul of your culinary creations. Preserve their potency by storing them in glass spice jars. This prevents moisture and heat from diminishing their flavors, ensuring your dishes are always a delight to the palate.

Holar - Blog - Food Storage Hacks 10 Tips to Achieving an Organized Kitchen With Canisters - Optimizing Food Freshness


Space-Saving Solutions

An untidy kitchen with boxes and bags of food everywhere isn’t efficient. The right containers for storing food don’t just keep your goods fresh, they help you get organized and save space. That’s a doubly effective food storage hack!

The food storage hacks for saving space in which canisters work:

  • Vertical tidiness: Canisters that stack easily on top of one another are a great solution to limited food storage space. The taller the stack, the more room you create for more items.
  • Clear containers offer visibility: Easily seeing the contents of a canister means you can quickly see when supplies are running low. Canisters you can see into allow you to quickly assess what you’ve got and what you’re out of and need to buy. That’s a win-win food storage hack!
  • Maximizing space: Clear containers that stack on top of each other achieve two important things in your pantry: they use space efficiently, and let you see how much of a given item – pasta or coffee, for example. Canisters that stack use space wisely, and transform your pantry shelves from cramped and messy to clean and tidy in no time!

Holar - Blog - Food Storage Hacks 10 Tips to Achieving an Organized Kitchen With Canisters - Space-Saving Solutions


The Power of Transparency in Canisters

Transparent containers are a brilliant solution for a kitchen with limited space.

Their benefits include:

  • Instant recognition. How many times have you searched shelves to find that one ingredient you rarely use but need right then for a particular recipe? Using clear, labeled canisters means you’ll never go through that nuisance again.
  • Monitor freshness. When you make each canister’s label, be sure to note when it should be used. That’s how you’ll know what’s fresh and what’s on the verge of going stale.
  • They’re visually appealing. Tidy, uniform, stackable canisters make your pantry look good and operate efficiently. What could be better when you’re hurrying to prepare the family’s supper?

Holar - Blog - Food Storage Hacks 10 Tips to Achieving an Organized Kitchen With Canisters - The Power of Transparency


Buying In Bulk & Storing Food

Lots of folks see big advantages in buying in bulk, and it definitely has benefits. But what if you don’t have enough room in your kitchen or pantry to store all those deals and keep them fresh? Canisters can help! Storing food that you’ve purchased in bulk in clear canisters is one of the smartest food storage hacks we know.

The benefits of buying in bulk go beyond the savings you get. That’s important, of course, but you’re also helping the environment because you take home less packaging. That reduces your carbon footprint and helps the planet.

Labeling clear canisters and noting the “best before” dates of the goods you buy in bulk is the best way to ensure freshness. Canisters can help you save space, save money by buying in bulk, and minimize your impact on the environment. That’s a triple win!

Holar - Blog - Food Storage Hacks 10 Tips to Achieving an Organized Kitchen With Canisters - Buying In Bulk & Storing Food


Canisters Control Portions

Purchasing canisters in different sizes helps you do more than just get organized and tidy. They also help you track calories. Here are some examples of these food storage hacks:

  • Seeds and nuts: These are both delicious and nutritious snacks, but both of these treats are calorie-packed. Keeping these snacks in a clear container that measures out one small serving ensures you don’t overindulge.
  • Breakfast cereals: Some clear containers come with a spout that measures out a single serving. This allows you to have just the right amount in the morning, which is particularly helpful if you’re tracking your daily intake of calories.
  • Baking ingredients: Canisters that pre-measure amounts allow you to get recipes right. Using this feature means you won’t overload your cookie recipe with chocolate chips or other sweet ingredients that increase the calories in your baked goods.

Making use of these features of canisters is a food storage hack that helps keep your diet and nutritional intake on track.

Holar - Blog - Food Storage Hacks 10 Tips to Achieving an Organized Kitchen With Canisters - Canisters Control Portions


Achieve Kitchen Tidiness with Containers

Tidiness and cleanliness are the hallmarks of a well-organized kitchen. The right canisters play a crucial role in achieving that, so here are a few food storage hacks & tips for making the most of them.

  • Arrange them by category. By this we mean, for example, keep all your baking ingredients in storage canisters together. Keep those containing grains together, also. Grouping your food storage containers in this way means you’ll know precisely where to find something fast when you need it.
  • Make them attractive. Consider the varying heights of the canisters and arrange them in a visually pleasing manner.
  • Label them consistently. Use the same type size and font when labeling your food storage containers. That uniformity adds to their visual appeal.

Canisters are a key part of a smoothly running kitchen, combining both function and aesthetics to make your kitchen more than just the space where you cook. People will gravitate to the kitchen if it’s well organized and attractive, and attractive containers are a food storage hack that can play a big role in achieving both!

Holar - Blog - Food Storage Hacks 10 Tips to Achieving an Organized Kitchen With Canisters - Achieve Kitchen Tidiness with Containers


Use Canisters Beyond the Kitchen

Although canisters are one of the best food storage hacks we know, they aren’t just for use in the kitchen. With a little imagination, you can use canisters in plenty of other areas as well.

  • The home office. Canisters are a terrific solution to a messy workstation. Put pens, pencils post-it notes, and paper clips in canisters, and voila! An untidy desk is suddenly organized. And using clear containers means you can see what is where in an instant.
  • Craft supplies. If you or someone in the family loves making crafts, using canisters is a great way to keep supplies organized. Everything from beads to thread to buttons can be stored in canisters, and they won’t spill out and end up all over the carpet.
  • Pet items. If you have a kitty or dog, no doubt you’ve got toys and treats to hand out when playing with them. Canisters are great for storing these things, particularly treats. That way pests (like ants) can’t get at them, and they stay firm and fresh for your pet.
  • Bathroom items. A clear canister makes the ideal spot to keep things like hair elastics and decorative hair combs, or cotton balls for manicures. Keeping small things together in one place helps any bathroom stay organized.

Canisters are useful far beyond the kitchen! No matter what room needs organizing, there’s no doubt a spot where an attractive canister can help you tidy up.

Holar - Blog - Food Storage Hacks 10 Tips to Achieving an Organized Kitchen With Canisters - Use Canisters Beyond the Kitchen


Canisters Guard Against Pests and Moisture

As we noted, canisters are terrific in the fight against ants and other pests, because they keep food fresh, keep out moisture, and prevent access by an unwelcome critter. They protect your foods from the ravages of humidity, and that’s why they’re so helpful in the fight against unwanted pests.

By using quality canisters with airtight seals, you’ll keep all the food in your pantry fresh, flavourful, and tasty.

Holar - Blog - Food Storage Hacks 10 Tips to Achieving an Organized Kitchen With Canisters - Canisters Guard Against Pests and Moisture


Canisters Are for Travellers, Too

These versatile storage units aren’t just for the home – they’re useful on the road, too! Let’s say you’re traveling with the family to see friends or take a vacation; using canisters to store snacks, like popcorn, trail mix, or potato chips. Is a great way to have something to nibble when the kids get hungry.

Travel-size canisters can be useful when you pack, too. Shampoo, medicine, and other essentials can be carried in small canisters, safe from spillage and readily accessible.

Canisters are every bit as useful while traveling as they are when you’re staying put at home. Just use your imagination to make the most of them!

Holar - Blog - Food Storage Hacks 10 Tips to Achieving an Organized Kitchen With Canisters - Canisters Are for Travellers, Too


DIY Decorating and Personalization

In the kitchen, canisters play a key role in storing and preserving food. And while functionality is vital, you can make canisters pretty, a reflection of you!

Here is how you ensure your canisters reflect your personality:

  • Choose canisters in colors and materials that you prefer. For example: is your kitchen done in warm tones, such as taupe and yellow? Then choose canisters that are colorful, perhaps, in a subtle brown or earth shade. The same rule applies if your kitchen is done in pastels – choose canisters that work with those shades.
  • Label canisters in a unique way. If your home is filled with antiques, create labels in a vintage style. Or if you love modern furnishings, create labels with a boldly modern look. (Just remember: labels say the contents and expiry date of the foods contained therein, so the style has to be legible.)

Holar - Blog - Food Storage Hacks 10 Tips to Achieving an Organized Kitchen With Canisters - DIY Decorating and Personalization


And Finally…

We hope you find these food storage hacks helpful and – most importantly – useful. However you decide to use food storage containers, we bet you’ll come to rely on them as an integral part of making meals each day. But also, they’re not just for the kitchen. Check out the range of canisters in our product line, and no doubt you’ll find some that are just right for every room in your home!

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