How to Make the Best Cup of Pour Over Coffee (It’s Easy)

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What is one thing that is common between home enthusiasts and coffee shop baristas? Their love for coffee, that is for sure. But, manual coffee-making is another thing that they both love since this process gives the full freedom and control of on making the coffee they love to drink. From controlling the temperature and flow of water while brewing the coffee to enhancing the circulation and expansion of coffee grounds, this method produces the best coffee cup hence, is loved by coffee lovers.

You can make pour over coffee even if you do not have any equipment whatsoever needed to make coffee. It is a win-win situation, right?

In order to make you understand, we’ve already recorded a step-by-step video for you, so take a look!


What is Pour Over?


If you do not what exactly is “pour over” method and how it goes then this article is the best piece of information for you. Actually, “pour over” method is an original procedure adopted by the first coffee generation where water is poured over ground coffee and is brewed accordingly to bring out the best taste and aroma in it.

The most basic level of pour over brewing requires you to have ground coffee, a filter, and a filter holder. The only reason most coffee enthusiasts now love this original method of brewing coffee is that it lets you control the taste and strength of your coffee. What else would someone want? A perfectly brewed cup of coffee to kick-start your morning activities.

Many people have their own preferences when it comes to grinding and brewing coffee sticking to simplicity is the key if you want your cup of coffee to strike at the right areas of your brain. Here are some of the ways on how to make the best cup of pour-over coffee. Have a good read!


Holar - Blog - How to Make the Best Cup of Pour over Coffee (It's Easy) - What is Pour Over


1) Choose your favorite coffee beans


Just as in the case with wine lovers who have the variety of tasty choices for their mood such as dry, sweet, full-bodied, or delicate, same is the case with coffee enthusiasts who always have a preference for coffee beans from specific regions.

South America, Central America, Africa, and Asia are the world’s four common regions where coffee beans are widely grown. Let’s know the characteristics of beans produced in each of them:

South America (Balanced, Medium)

Brazil is the largest coffee producing country in the world, outranking Colombia with great size and overall bean production. The coffee beans grown here are even and have moderate acidity and taste sweet. Most probably this is the kind of coffee you usually drink.

Central America (Sweet, Acidic)

Guatemala is the largest producer in Central America which is a place that produces a lot of food ingredients loved by people from all around the world. Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Panama are other Central American countries famous for producing excellent coffee. Coffees from these producing countries are best made with milk and can be enjoyed black as well.

Africa (Fruity, Floral)

Ethiopia and Kenya are well-known coffee producers in Africa and people from all around the world love the taste and aroma the coffee from this region offers. Other countries like Angola, Burundi, Cameroon and the Democratic Republic of Congo are also Africa’s notable coffee producers with great coffee exports. Flavors ranging from jasmine to lemon to blackcurrant, African coffee tends to be more of a fruity taste than a bitter one.

Asia (Bitter, Earthy)

in the equatorial regions of Asia, countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Yemen, etc. are the largest producers of coffee which are enjoyed all around the world. The huge variety in terms of Asian coffee beans is the reason you can find Asian coffee in markets all around the world.


Holar - Blog - How to Make the Best Cup of Pour over Coffee (It's Easy) - Choose your favorite coffee beans


2) Use manual burr coffee grinder only before brewing


If anything, coffee lovers know one thing for sure that great coffee starts with a great grind, and if you do not believe in this then you are oblivious of great coffee. Using manual Pour Over method requires you to have the right grinder for a perfect grinding experience.

The two common choices would be a burr grinder and a blade grinder. We would suggest you not to go for blade grinder since it ruins the texture of your coffee. Using a burr grinder, you can ensure consistent grinding which is essential for the perfect cup of coffee. You can only put through not more than a few beans in a burr grinder which leads to equivalent size throughout grinding.

You must know about the electric grinders that can grind coffee beans at high speed. But, this fast grinding does no help since it produces extra heat and can alter the taste of the grounds which you cannot compromise at all. Using a manual coffee grinder is better than an electric grinder as you can control the grinding process along with ensuring that the original taste and delicacy of coffee beans is retained.

The coffee is made and served well if the grinding is done immediately before the brewing process. It is said that the fresher coffee grounds, the better they taste. And, it is true!

You may start with a medium-fine grind if you do not have much knowledge and expertise on what grind sizes make the perfect coffee for you.


Holar - Blog - How to Make the Best Cup of Pour over Coffee (It's Easy) - Use manual burr coffee grinder only before brewing


3) Proper filter matters


The genuine coffee lovers and brewers are aware of the fact that placing a filter in the pour over dripper before the brewing process is very essential. The type of your filter also changes the brewing process as it can deeply affect the flavor of your coffee cup. Many people think that its effects are too deep that it can influence your coffee routine for weeks and months.

Paper Filters (Light, Sweet, Clean)

What do you think of first when it comes to making coffee? We suppose it is them paper filters as they can be seen everywhere from supermarkets to home kitchens.

A paper filter of good quality retains oils and particles present in the coffee which are very essential to maintain the original taste and aroma of your coffee. You can enjoy a sweet and fruity cup of coffee which is also brighter in taste and appearance.

Metal Filters (Bold, Rich, Dark)

These filters are made of stainless steel or aluminum and are very different from the paper filters. Those who love to drink stronger coffee prefer metal filters over paper filters all the time. Some coffee drinkers keep choosing between paper and metal filters depending on their current preferences.


Holar - Blog - How to Make the Best Cup of Pour over Coffee (It's Easy) - Proper filter matters Paper Filters Metal Filters


4) The optimum water temperature


If you cannot choose to ignore one thing for brewing process that would be water temperature. You can easily set and control water temperature which is essential to make the best cup of coffee for yourself.

Many might wonder why is water temperature essential in the process of brewing coffee? The answer is hot water can cause your coffee to taste bitter. On the other hand, if your water is too cold this might result in your cup of coffee turning out to be sour.

According to the National Coffee Association, following is the temperature people normally use for dark and light roasts. Have a look:

-195°F – dark roasts

-200°F – medium roasts

-205°F – light roasts

However, this definitely is a gold standard for water temperature that you should be following. You can choose to go with any water temperature for coffee brewing as per your taste and preference.


Holar - Blog - How to Make the Best Cup of Pour over Coffee (It's Easy) - The optimum water temperature


5) Ratio of coffee-to-water


Just like any other produce, the ratio of coffee grounds and water always plays a vital role in making a perfect cup of coffee that can soothe your taste buds. It is not a good option to go for a lot of coffee and the same levels of water. You need to attain a standard balance in order to bring out perfection.

For pour over coffee, attaining a 1:15 ratio between coffee and water can ensure a cup of coffee that you will keep craving for every morning.

To begin, pour water from the outside to the center, and keep about twice the weight of the coffee. You can see the fresh coffee start to “bloom”. Leave it about 30-45 seconds. The coffee will degas and even to extraction.

You can slow down or speed up the pour to control brewing time and liquid level. Most people recommend that the total brew time should be 3–4 minutes and not more than that.

If you are a coffee lover, experimenting new coffee making methods is totally worth the effort if you want to enhance your love for coffee. Surely, coffee is something we all enjoy and people are rightly conscious about it when it comes to the taste and aroma.

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