PS-DP01 Reusable Coffee Dripper

Additional information

Model Number

PS-DP01S / PS-DP01M / PS-DP01L


Pour Over Coffee Cone Dripper / Filter


Cone Shaped


Food-grade AS


S – 1-2 Persons
M – 2-4 Persons
L – 4-6 Persons




Each in brown box


S – 48 pc/ctn, 1.60 cu.ft.
M – 48 pc/ctn, 2.60 cu.ft.
L – 36 pc/ctn, 2.60 cu.ft.


1000 pcs each

Product Description

High-quality Holar PS-DP01 stainless steel pour over coffee filter is one of the perfect choices of Holar coffee accessories series. Features with food-grade AS, it’s the perfect alternative to disposable paper filters, which rob your coffee of essential oils and nutrients. Works well at home, work, or while traveling and camping.

  • High-quality coffee accessories series by Holar – 100% Made in Taiwan.
  • Features strict-selected food-grade AS, it is sturdy, lightweight pour-over coffeemaker and perfect for travel.
  • Its wave design reduces contact between the brewing space and the filter itself for a more balanced extraction.
  • Reusable and easy to clean, dishwasher safe.
  • Our coffee accessories are the perfect kitchen and dining tools for you.


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