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Canister Set Introduction

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“Store Food Smart, Eat Food Fresh.”

Does your market style like to hold holiday picnic? Do you recognize the stylish food canister is often outstanding than the food itself?


When buying dry foods such as spices, we often reduce the cost by purchasing a large quantity. These foods stay in your cabinet for at least a whole season, do you have a good storage canister?


We tend to organize the place we are because the neat environment makes us happier. We like to find things right away, of course with them still fresh. Holar food canisters are made of Wood, Stainless Steel, and Acrylic. We aim to deliver a fashionable product that keeps your food fresh longer.

Storage Smart
Decor Kitchen
Clip Cover
Coffee and Tea

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Why Holar?

material check01

Material Control

The material we use in Holar product is only high-quality with certificates. We track up to the material source and guarantee the best products in the kitchen, with food grade, BPA-free and Eco-friendly.

Internal inspection 01

Internal Inspection

We conduct an internal inspection before each shipment and you will receive a check report soon after. If you prefer to arrange a third party inspection, we also welcome. Even our factory is strict with material purchasing to the production process. This important step might reduce the risk of customer complaint from your end users.

payment 01

Payment Term

We currently have the following four payment terms, which are still increasing. PayPal, T/T(Telegraphic Transfer), L/C(Letter of Credit) and Alibaba Trade Insurance.

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