How to Create Custom Made Salt and Pepper Grinder

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Wooden grinders are a favorite with home cooks, professional chefs, and restaurateurs. Have a classy and traditional appearance, they are perfect for any occasion like cooking in the kitchen or serving a meal at the dining room table.


customized salt and pepper grinder-material-wood-matte-1


customized salt and pepper grinder-material-wood-grossy-2




This substance is a dense, versatile type of plastic. Acrylic is used for lots of kitchen products, providing excellent durability to general wear and tear. They are transparent and thick, rather like a crystal utensil.

customized salt and pepper grinder-material-acrylic-original


customized salt and pepper grinder-material-acrylic-transfer


customized salt and pepper grinder-material-acrylic-colored injection

Colored Injection

customized salt and pepper grinder-material-acrylic-double injection-1

Double Injection

Stainless Steel

If it’s a metallic finish you want when you’re purchasing salt and pepper grinders, stainless steel is your best bet. With its longer-lasting and rust-proof characteristics, many fine dining restaurants place stainless steel grinders on their tables.

customized salt and pepper grinder-material-stainless steel-original-2


customized salt and pepper grinder-material-stainless steel-plating-1



customized salt and pepper grinder-material-stainless steel-coating-1



Other materials are also suitable to make grinders, like bamboo, marble, concrete, and more. Some are even made of a combination of materials.

If you want to try the material that is not listed, please contact us.

customized salt and pepper grinder-material-other-bamboo-1


customized salt and pepper grinder-material-other-marble-1


customized salt and pepper grinder-material-other-concrete-1



The unique design makes your grinder stand out. Please share your technical drawing or rough sketch with us. We will estimate its feasibility and offer suggestions to you.

Adjustable Knob

Add some distinct adjustable knob design to make your grinders eye-catching. Our adjustable knobs have a variety of designs on shape, color, or with word to fit different styles of mills.





S/P Word


Bottom Adjustment

We welcome your custom-designed adjustable knobs. Contact us with your thoughts.

Dispenser & Shaft

Both solid mechanisms and the unique-designed dispenser ensures center shaft stability, providing both consistency of grind as well as an extremely fast grind speed.

Why are they so important?

customized salt and pepper grinder-dispenser and shaft

Grinder Mechanism


The advanced ceramic grinder does not rust or deteriorate, producing an even in any coarseness. It’s suitable for grinding both salt and peppercorns.

salt and pepper
customized salt and pepper grinder-grinder mechanism-ceramic-1

Carbon Steel

Hardened carbon steel grinder starts out sharper, has a more precise outcome when grinding, efficiently strips down the peppercorns.

customized salt and pepper grinder-grinder mechanism-carbon steel

Stainless Steel

Durable stainless steel grinder offers slightly less sharpness comparing to carbon steel grinder. Like carbon steel, it’s designed for grinding pepper only.

customized salt and pepper grinder-grinder mechanism-stainless steel


The plastic grinder becomes brittle and cracked over time. For a  quality salt and pepper grinder, we never supply and use the plastic grinder.

customized salt and pepper grinder-grinder mechanism-plastic


50% of consumers are more likely to shop from a brand with a recognizable logo. Place your logo on salt and pepper grinders to advance your brand image.

Side Lasering

customized salt and pepper grinder-logo-body laser logo

Cross Bar Embossed

customized salt and pepper grinder-logo-cross bar embossed logo

Cross Bar Lasering

customized salt and pepper grinder-logo-cross bar printing logo

More thoughts about how do you want to put your logo? Discuss it with us.

Color Box

Packaging influences purchasing decisions for 70% of consumers. First impressions are lasting. How your product is wrapped is the initial thing your customers see.

customized salt and pepper grinder-colorbox-hanging box

Hanging Box

customized salt and pepper grinder-colorbox-magnetic box

Magnetic Box

customized salt and pepper grinder-colorbox-matchbox


customized salt and pepper grinder-colorbox-mailer box

Mailer Box

Already have your design ready to go? Please share it with us.

More Gadgets

Investing in some terrific gadgets is a good way to connect with your customers and increase your brand awareness.

Label Tag

customized salt and pepper grinder-other-label tag


customized salt and pepper grinder-other-sticker

Instruction Manual

customized salt and pepper grinder-other-instruction manual

Thank You Card

customized salt and pepper grinder-other-thankyou card


Practical accessories — brush for cleaning and tray for catching excess grounds —  indeed make your salt and pepper grinders more useful, versatile, and attractive.


customized salt and pepper grinder-accessories-brush-1


customized salt and pepper grinder-accessories-tray-1

Test Report

All countries require documentation for imported products and have certain regulations that must be met to ensure safety, quality, and conformity.

With over 20 years of exporting experience, we are able to help our clients handle and accomplish the test.

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Contact us with your testing request.

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If carrying out an OEM/ODM project is not a viable option for your business strategy now, please refer to our existing models as an alternative option.

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