HK Pepper Mill WT

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Model Number

HK-001RB, HK-003RB, HK-001OLSK, HK-001OK, HK-003OL


Pepper Mill (HK-001RB, HK-003RB, HK-001OK, HK-003OL);
Salt Shaker (HK-001OLSK)


Beech Wood + Acrylic (HK-001RB, HK-003RB);
Rubber Wood + Acrylic (HK-001OLSK, HK-001OK, HK-003OL)


HK-001RB – 4"H;
HK-003RB – 5"H;
HK-001OLSK – dia 4.8 x 10 H cm;
HK-001OK – dia 4.8 x 10 H cm;
HK-003OL – dia 5 x 14 H cm


Natural+Clear Body (HK-001RB, HK-003RB);
Olive+Clear Body (HK-001OLSK, HK-001OK, HK-003OL)






Each in Poly Bag, Bulk Pack


For 4"H HK-001RB – 144 pc / 1.6' / 15.3 kg/ctn;
For 5"H HK-003RB – 96 pc / 3.1' / 14.3 kg/ctn;
For 10 H cm HK-001OLSK – 144 pc / 1.6' / 16 kg/ctn;
For 10 H cm HK-001OK – 144 pc / 1.6' / 16 kg/ctn;
For 14 H cm HK-003OL – 96 pc / 2.4' / 16 kg/ctn


1200 pc

Product Description

High-quality Holar HK crystal clear pepper mill/salt shaker with rubber wood top is one of the perfect choices of Holar salt and pepper acrylic mill series. Features with acrylic, it is designed with premium balance and weight. Fully adjustable from fine to coarse grind.

  • High-quality Pepper & Salt Mill Set by Holar – 100% Made in Taiwan.
  • Always easily fill the salt and pepper grinders by removing the top, refills included.
  • Ceramic grinder & aluminium shaft precision mechanism creates smooth and even turn, releases maximum flavor and aroma.
  • Stylish 4″H/5″H tall crystal clear design can always be an elegant addition to your table setting.
  • Our salt and pepper mills/grinders/shakers are the perfect kitchen and dining tools for you.


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