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Wood Salt and Pepper Mill

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Premium Quality

Holar aims to produce high-quality wood salt and pepper mills which makes your home cooking and dining experience simpler and nicer.

Professional Grinding Mechanism

With certificated hardened carbon steel grinder & advanced ceramic grinder, the wood salt and pepper mill allow finely crush, mill and grind spices to perfection. Saving your precious time and your labor.

1. Adjustable Knob

The rust-resistant copper plating knob on top, makes your food safer and allows you to adjust the grind from fine to coarse.

2.Unique-Design Dispenser

The dispenser holds the center shaft in place while grinding, make your grinding process more stable.

pepper mill top

3.Certificate of  Wood Origin

Certificate of a sustainable source of wood origin. We guarantee only use eco-friendly material on Holar kitchenware products.

pepper mill mid

4.Type 304 Stainless Steel Shaft and Spring Bar

Both solid mechanisms enhance consistent grinding performance, make the grinding process more stable.

5.Hard-Wearing Grinding Mechanism

The premium carbon steel and ceramic grinder ensure a consistent, powerful grind through the toughest Himalayan salts and the crunchiest peppercorns.

pepper mill bottom

Common Grinder Material

Steel Grinder - Holar Wood Pepper Mill Introdiction

Carbon Steel Grinder

Pros: Wear resistance

Cons: May rust in a humid environment

Usage: Peppercorn, spices

Ceramic Grinder - Holar Wood Pepper Mill Introdiction

Ceramic Grinder

Pros: Corrosion resistance

Cons: Middle level of wear resistance

Usage: Salt, Peppercorn, spices

Plastic Grinder - Holar Wood Pepper Mill Introdiction

Plastic Grinder

Pros: Cheap

Cons: Break up easily, not eco-friendly

Usage: (Not recommend)

Why is the Dispenser Needed?

The tolerances required to maintain concentricity, which ensures that the top lid, shaft, and grinder set all share the exact same axial center is critical.


The unique-designed dispenser ensures center shaft stability, providing both consistency of grind as well as an extremely fast grind speed.

with dispenser vs without dispenser

How to use?

how to use

1) Unscrew the steel knob and remove the top wooden lid.

2) Fill the grinder with fresh peppercorns or salt.

3) Replace the top and adjust the knob to desired grinding size.

4) Turn round wooden cover to start to grind.

– For a fine grind, turn the knob clockwise.

– For a coarser grind, turn the knob counterclockwise

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