CM-DY06-D Manual Coffee Grinder

Additional information

Model Number



Manual Coffee Grinder


Food-Grade Acrylic Plastic


dia 8.5 x 18 H cm




Matte Black / Matte White / Gold / Silver / Rose Gold / Woodlike (Can be customized)


Each in Brown Box


600 pcs

Product Description

Modern style Holar CM-DY06-D manual coffee grinder with designed color jar is one of the perfect choices of Holar coffee mill series. Features with the ceramic grinder, it can assure a uniform and more precise bean size. With its elegant appearance, it also serves as a perfect decoration for any coffee enthusiast and coffee shop display.

  • High-quality Coffee Grinders & Gadgets by Holar – 100% Made in Taiwan.
  • No need for batteries or power, which will allow you to enjoy your recently ground coffee in many different scenarios, whether outdoors, traveling, or in the comfort of your kitchen.
  • Can adjust the grinding thickness, which is convenient to master the grinding degree and ensure that the grinding thickness of each coffee is consistent.
  • Designed with the portable style which is small and normcore that coffee lovers can carry with them whether traveling or camping.
  • Our coffee grinders series are the perfect kitchen and dining tools for you.


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