Salt and Pepper Mill Introduction


structure of Holar wooden salt and pepper grinder

Adjustable & Custom Knob

The rust-resistant copper-plated knob on top, differ from cheap steel material, which is easy to grip and allows you to adjust the grind from fine to coarse.

Add some distinct designs on your adjustable knob to help the salt and pepper grinder stand out.

adjustable knob and custom nut of Holar salt and pepper grinder


The tolerances required to maintain concentricity, which ensures that the top lid, shaft, and grinder set all share the exact same axial center is critical.

The unique-designed dispenser ensures center shaft stability, providing both consistency of grind as well as an extremely fast grind speed.

dispenser to hold the central shaft

Inner Part

Both solid mechanisms strengthen the middle shaft in the center, which enhance consistent grinding performance.

inner stainless steel part of Holar premium pepper grinder

Burr Mechanism

Holar Carbon Steel Conical Burr for Pepper

Carbon Steel

Hardened carbon steel grinder starts out sharper, has a more precise outcome when grinding, efficiently strips down the peppercorns.

Holar Ceramic Conical Burr for Salt and Pepper


Advanced ceramic grinder does not rust or deteriorate, produces an even in any coarseness, and is suitable for both grinding salt and peppercorns.


Holar Stainless Steel Conical Burr for Pepper

Stainless Steel

Durable stainless steel grinder offers slightly less sharpness comparing to carbon steel grinder. Like carbon steel, it’s designed for grinding pepper only.

How do We Make Salt and Pepper Grinders?


As the world leading kitchen and dining manufacturing company, we not only strictly examine ourselves through our employees and organization, but also work closely to the international leading inspection and certification company to ensure our products consistent quality to our partners.

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How to Use a Salt and Pepper Mill?

Step 1. Remove the top and dispenser

Unscrew the steel knob and remove the top wooden lid and dispenser.

how to use salt and pepper griner-step 1

Step 2. Fill the spice

Fill the grinder with fresh peppercorns or salt with a funnel.

how to use salt and pepper grinder-step 2

Step 3. Adjust coarseness setting

Replace the top and adjust the knob to the desired grinding size.

Clockwise for fine grind

how to adjust to fine setting-step 3

Anticlockwise for coarse grind

how to adjust to coarse setting-step 3
fine to coarse-salt
fine to coarse-pepper

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