WD2-45CHW, WD2-06CHW, WD2-08CHW Salt and Pepper Mill Shaker

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Model Number

WD2-45CHW, WD2-06CHW, WD2-08CHW


Salt and Pepper Mill Shaker


Rubber Wood


WD2-45CHW – 4.5"H
WD2-06CHW – 6"H
WD2-08CHW- 8"H




Stainless Steel




Each in Brown Box


600 pcs each

Product Description

Holar - Products - Salt and Pepper Grinder Millr - Wood Mill- WD2-45CHW, WD2-06CHW, WD2-08CHW Salt and Pepper Mill Shaker - Features

How to adjust coarseness of salt pepper grinders

Holar reduce wobble Dispenser

different functions between ceramic burr and carbon steel grinder of salt pepper grinders

Holar unique design wooden salt pepper grinders with different style

brand logo color customized for Holar salt and pepper grinder

Third-party Endorsement of Holar salt and pepper grinders


High-quality Holar WD2-45CHW, WD2-06CHW, WD2-08CHW Salt and Pepper Mill Shaker is one of the perfect choices of Holar wood salt and pepper mill series. Features with wood, it is designed with premium balance and weight. Fully adjustable from fine to coarse grind.

  • Holar’s high-quality salt and pepper grinder mechanism kits have all the internal components necessary to produce a top-load, adjustable grind from extra fine to extra coarse.
  • The pepper grinder mechanism is made of durable ceramic which is suitable for black pepper and salt.
  • Provide large salt and pepper mill for those who use it heavily but do not refill it often.
  • If you are interested in unique design (such as adding a stainless steel neck or bottom), welcome to contact us for further evaluation.
  • After providing your logo drawing, color sample, etc., we can evaluate it and recommend the best solution to you.


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