SJ-017 Casino Poker Swizzle Sticks

Additional information

Model Number



Casino Poker Swizzle Sticks


Food-Grade Acrylic Plastic


18.5 cm


Set of 4


Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, and Spades


Each in polybag. bulk pack


1200 sets

Product Description

High-quality Holar SJ-017 casino poker swizzle sticks is one of the perfect choices of Holar summer drinkware series. Made of durable hardened acrylic plastic, it is higher quality and avoids common problems in other plastics such as cracking, clouding and breaking down over time. A must-have for home, office, restaurants, bars, pools.

  • High-quality summer drinkware by Holar – 100% Made in Taiwan.
  • Premium acrylic plastic construction reduces condensation and stays comfortable to touch.
  • This set of 4 reusable plastic stirrers measures 18.5 cm in length, proper in size to fit tall glasses, tumblers, carafes, mugs and more.
  • Stirring stick is suitable for mixing drinks, such as iced tea, lemonade, milkshakes, coffee, milk, cocktails, root beer floats, and other drinks.
  • Our summer drinkware series is the perfect kitchen and dining tools for you.


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