HK-040 Vacuum Wine Stopper

Additional information

Model Number



ABS Plastic+Silicone

Vacuum size

13.5 cm

Stopper size

3.5 cm




Each in color box


1200 pcs

Product Description

HK-040-Vacuum Wine Stopper-other

Holar HK-040 Vacuum Wine Stopper is a must-have wine accessory for all wine lovers who would like to taste another level of wine flavor.
Using these devices, you can halt the oxidation process and provide a 7-day preservation time for opened wine.

.Contains 1 wine pump + 2 reusable wine stoppers.
.Silicone, the top sealing material
.ABS plastic avoids horrible scratching, preventing dirt hide inside it
.High-quality silicone that won’t become sticky and hard to clean
.No strange smell or residuals, and it is 100% safe

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